The Fashion Moments Our Editors Regret Most

Amanda Stavropoulos

Personal style is a topic we cover in depth on Who What Wear Australia. Fashion is more than just clothes. What we wear can help define who we are, signify a moment in our lives, and can affect our confidence and mood. Don’t lie—a new pair of shoes or a perfect ten outfit always makes you feel good. While we always covet and obsess over celebrity and street style, more often than not, it’s real girls who provide the most inspiration—the girls you pass on your way to work, or stand behind at the ATM line, or behind the counter at your favourite vintage store. Today, we’re talking real-girl personal style. Our editors are opening up about their biggest fashion regrets, and what they learnt from them.

Keep scrolling to discover what they’d do differently now, and then share your biggest regrets in the comments below.

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