What I Think Defines New Zealand Style

Jaime Ridge

In her first column for Who What Wear AustraliaJaime Ridge of Dillon Dot talks us through what defines New Zealand style.

New Zealanders are known for their monochromatic sense of style. We are famous for wearing black, black and a little more, black! However, I believe there is a deeper overarching theme that underpins New Zealand style. Authenticity. Authenticity is something I am constantly reminded of when working on my blog, Dillon Dot. We capture the bigger global trends and mold them into our own interpretation. The digital platforms we now interact with, often several times a day, allow us to look beyond the local market and beyond the ‘black cloud’ we are known for.

New Zealanders strive to be connected on the global fashion stage. The way we dress is evolving, we are no longer the tiny country at the bottom of the southern hemisphere, disconnected from the rest of the world. We are recognised for producing authentic and fresh interpretations of style. I remember when I had to travel abroad to purchase both high and low end fashion pieces. The last two years have seen Prada and Dior open their doors in Auckland’s CBD, as well as our first international high street store, Topshop. The next two years will see Zara, H&M, Tiffany & Co. and Chanel also opening in New Zealand. Accessibility is no longer hindering our style, our boutiques are importing a wider selection of international brands as well as stocking a broader collection of local brands. Online stores are now starting to offer shipping to New Zealand (which until now, meant online shopping was not an option). The possibilities are broad and as a result, our style is becoming more and more in tune with that of the global industry.

As a whole, I see New Zealand style as understated and simple, but authentic and unique. To see what key pieces I believe warrant a mention, or to see if you have the desire to take some New Zealand style on board, keep scrolling!

What are your favourite NZ designers? Share in the comments below and then shop one of our favourite boutiques from New Zealand.

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