The Type of Clothing It's Time to Toss Before 2017

Meghan Blalock

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As we approach a new year, this is the time when people re-evaluate their lives and start thinking about how they'd like to improve. Exercising more, making time for family, putting a stop to procrastination—all these are tried-and-true resolutions made again and again around the New Year. 

As lovers of fashion, we recommend a different approach this year: changing your clothing to change your life. Hear us out: There's one category of clothing that nearly all women own but that we think should be discarded. No, we're not going to tell you to toss your favourite sneakers or sweats—even Kendall Jenner is into those two trends in a big way. Rather, we advise that you get rid of any clothing you wear as an excuse to be lazy.

You know the ones: an old sorority T-shirt, a ratty pair of pyjama shorts you've had since high school, a stained sweatshirt… Take a few minutes during this holiday season to clean out your closet and make room for new, on-trend pieces instead.

Even on days when you want to stay home, binge-watch episodes of Sex and the City, and order pizza, you can do it in a reasonably put-together and comfy ensemble. Start 2017 off on the right foot by letting the world know just how fabulous you are—it's all about mentality.

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What are you going to purge from your closet this year? Share in the comments below!

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