Kendall and Gigi’s Off-Duty Look Is Easier Than You Think

Amanda Stavropoulos

Being a supermodel mightn’t sound like a tough gig, but constantly being ‘on’, and getting dressed up and made up, is harder than you’d think (not that we’d know, but we’ve asked).

We’re always spotting models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid out and about—either on the red carpet, or at an event, or on the covers of magazines. But what do they wear when they’re off the clock and don’t have time to think about their outfit? The formula is simple, and it involves one key wardrobe staple—leggings.

More often than not, when Kendall or Gigi (or celebs like Olivia Palermo, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin… the list goes on) are snapped out and about, they’re in black leggings. Whether it’s on a juice run, running errands, or out at night, they’ve got the look down pat. All you need to do, is know what to style them with so you look chic, rather than frumpy.

Ken-Gi favour crop tops, but if that’s not for you, a button-down shirt or tee and leather jacket combo works just as well. For shoes? Sneakers are an obvious choice, or you can try slides for day, and ankle boots for evenings.

Throwing on leggings might seem like it goes against everything you’ve ever believed in (as in, leggings = for gym time only), but we suggest taking your style cues from two of the most stylish women on the planet, and just go for it.

Keep scrolling to peep six easy looks you can easily recreate with leggings next time you’re in a rush.

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