The Jewelry Trend Brides Will Get Over in 2019

Your dress, jumpsuit, or tux is clearly the most important piece when it comes to your wedding day style, but the accessories are close runners-up, tying your dream ensemble together. While the perfect pair of shoes is a must, your jewelry picks are also of utmost importance (beyond your wedding bands, of course).

“There used to be a focus on the gown, and jewelry was an afterthought,” said fine-jewelry designer Danielle Frankel, who just launched her Object collection. “But now women approach their look as a whole, focusing on how jewelry can balance an entire ensemble.”

So, what’s popular in the wedding jewelry world currently? Here’s the thing—like any trend out there, there are certain bridal styles that have come in and out over the years. By the time 2019 hits, we’re going to see fewer of the simple pieces specifically.

“Simplicity in jewelry is more on the decline, and brides will get over as statement, bolder styles are more on the rise,” Frankel said. “As gowns themselves are going in a more streamlined fashion, it allows for more interesting jewelry to be the focus.”

Here, we’re sharing Frankel’s take on everything from statement earrings to necklaces to, yes, even belts next year. If you’re prepping for your big day and looking to complete your wedding look, keep scrolling to shop the popular maximalist jewelry trend. Even if you’re not, a little eye candy never hurt anyone, right?

When it comes to an eye-catching pair of earrings, go for a pretty drop style, or consider mixing and matching two different silhouettes for a forward look.

The Bridal Jewelry Trends That Are In and Out for 2019


Danielle Frankel

While the style of the necklace will depend on the neckline of your dress, a longer style you can loop around or a unique choker silhouette will work with most silhouettes.

Belts and Bracelets
Bridal Jewelry Trends for 2019


Danielle Frankel

If it is a more streamlined, simple wedding dress you're opting for, consider a statement belt or a stylish bracelet to bring your look to another level.

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