If I Could Buy My Wedding Dress Again, Here's What I'd Do Differently

Whether the idea of wedding dress shopping makes your excited or is something that induces panic, we have some good news for you. We chatted with former brides who are sharing their words of wisdom to help you find your perfect look for the big day. In fact, we tapped our Who What Wear Insiders Facebook group to find out their wedding dress shopping tips and the mistakes to avoid.

Ahead find a breakdown from women who have been there before—they learned a thing or two throughout the process and they’re ready to share what they would do differently. These women have been through the whole wedding dress hunt before and know what really matters. If you’re starting to look for your “something new”, you’ll want to read through their helpful tips. So check out their takes on the biggest wedding dress shopping mistakes and tips to assist you in your search for the perfect ensemble.

Don't rush into it

Hannah Lewter admitted, “I actually bought my wedding dress two days after we got engaged (wowza, I know!). When I went in, I had all these ideas of what I thought I wanted, but what I actually bought was totally different. My advice to anyone who is newly engaged is to be open to different styles and try it all on. Try on the designer looks and the dresses on the clearance rack. You never know what you’ll fall in love with.”

But also, don't wait too long

Amy Bardanell wishes she had planned ahead more. “I waited until the very last minute, and I’m pretty sure I had to pay extra to expedite the dress. It’s not worth the stress.”

Know your body type

Lucy Skye told us it’s important to dress in what works for your shape instead of just following trends: “My advice is to know what looks good on your body type and not on others’.”

Keep the weather in mind

Melissa Chataigne Stuart says, “We got married in Ojai and although I loved my gown, it was still too heavy for the hot summer sun on a mountain.”

If you're an unconventional bride…

Samantha Pong, who wore a $20 dress from H&M for her wedding, says, “My advice to other unconventional budget fashion brides: Look at various sources for your dress, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures. Also, do not hesitate to reuse some of your own accessories because trust me when I say that the most important thing that you should invest on in your marriage is each other.”

Consider alternative options

Courtney Richards found her wedding dress in the bridesmaid department: “I got married 11 years ago and made a major discovery when shopping for my dress. My taste is very minimalist and classic. I found my ideal dress in a print magazine ad, and to my surprise, it was actually a bridesmaid dress. Most bridesmaid dresses come in ivory and white, so I ended up getting my dream dress for only $300 and no one could tell it wasn’t a ‘bridal’ gown.”

Now shop our favorite wedding dresses of the season

With the advice of former brides, you can walk into wedding dress shopping like a pro.

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