It's Suddenly Cool to Break This Style "Rule"

Allyson Payer

Remember those days when wearing jewellery to the beach was considered a faux pas? (You probably do because it wasn't that long ago.) Since the beach and pool are relaxed environments, and water, sand, and the hot sun are present, jewellery isn't exactly the most practical way to accessorise your swimsuit. But it's an "extra" world we live in these days, and piling on jewellery pieces is a major trend this season—and celebrities, models, and It girls aren't holding back.

We've been finding tons of recent examples of the new "jewellery at the beach" movement while scrolling through Instagram and have noticed that gold hoop earrings, layered necklaces, and body chains are particularly prevalent. So the question is that when women as influential as Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, and a slew of Victoria's Secret Angels are wearing jewellery to the beach, will you? If the answer is yes and you love the look, our advice is to leave your precious metals and gemstones at home (although we're pretty sure many of the women highlighted below didn't…) and go with pieces that you wouldn't have to contact your insurance provider about if you lost them at sea.

Below are some of the "jewellery at the beach" examples we're referring to, along with pieces to wear to the beach yourself if you're so inclined.

Next up, some swimsuits to wear with your "beach jewellery".

Opening Image: Chaos/Backgrid

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