The $10 Outfit Lifesaver the Industry Will Never Stop Wearing

Bobby Schuessler


When I think about my daily uniform, there's one item I couldn't live without. Yep, I'm talking about my go-to black or white tee (usually $10 from Hanes) that I wear with a moto jacket and black jeans on the regular.

I seriously couldn't get through my sartorial life without the affordable basic. In fact, I basically consider it my wardrobe lifesaver because it works with just about anything in my closet and instantly gives any look that much-desired "cool" vibe, without fail.

And fashion people clearly agree. For what seems like, well, forever, this set has also embraced the basic white tee as the foundation to an elevated yet laid-back look. You know what I'm talking about—pairing a white T-shirt with a suit and booties for work; that tee with a jacket, skirt, and heels for a night out; and so on. To showcase the fashion world's adoration (mine included) with the no-fuss closet staple, I'm showcasing 15 fresh 'fits below. Keep scrolling for creative new ways to wear the classic tee.

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