How to Wear a Blazer 5 Ways

Kristen Nichols

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret—the It item for has made itself clear. It’s not a bag or covetable pair of shoes, and it's not a piece of statement jewellery or a designer dress. It’s a blazer. That’s right, the piece you’ve probably had in your closet for years and considered a conservative answer to office style is exploding on the street style scene. Every fashion girl has been spotted wearing their blazer during fashion month, and we’ve been taking notes about the inventive ways they’re styling the wardrobe workhorse.

To make it look cool and fashion-forward, there are few key tricks we’ve picked up on. First, try an oversize silhouette. If it looks like it was borrowed from your boyfriend’s closet, you’re on the right track. Style it with slouchy boots or a simple pair of jeans for an outfit that works everywhere from the office to the front row at fashion week. Next, mix it with other big trends. One of our favourite ways to wear it is with a pair of track pants. It adds the perfect level of sophistication to the more casual style. Finally, try a skirt suit. Once reserved for businesspeople, the skirt suit styles this season feel fresh and cool. Opt for a miniskirt to keep it modern.

Go on to see how to wear a blazer with inspiration from street style stars, and then shop their outfits.

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