12 Ways to Wear Denim When You've Run Out of Ideas

Nicole Akhtarzad

Ask anyone in the Who What Wear Australia office and they’ll tell you: I love wearing jeans. Whether it’s 30° out or 9°, I will find a way to pull off my go-to cropped flares—because for me, nothing says comfort like formfitting denim, and as I like to say, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Recently, however, it was brought to my attention during a roundtable discussion that not everyone feels the same way about jeans as I do. They claim they’re not as seasonless as I seem to think they are and that they are actually not suitable for sweltering spring or summer days. Naturally, I’ve since set out to prove them wrong. So after spending the last few weeks gathering ammunition in the form of street style, I bring you today’s post, where I’ve rounded up 12 next-level ways to wear jeans—no matter the weather.

See the looks for yourself below, and then of course continue on to shop my denim picks!

Opening Image: We the People

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