The Best Wardrobe Edit Tips All in One Place

Dacy Knight

The New Year calls for change for the better. Even if you're not one to make resolutions, every fashion girl should consider overhauling her closet. 2017 deserves a fresh start, and there's no better place to begin than by becoming reacquainted with your clothes, shoes, and accessories and editing them down to your dream wardrobe. Rather than filling your overflowing dresser with brand-new finds from post-holiday sales, focus on what you already have, seeing which timeless pieces will carry on into the New Year and which won't make the cut.

To assist with the tedious process of performing a full-on clothing overhaul, we've rounded up the best wardrobe edit tips all in one place. From what exactly to keep in mind before you toss a single item to which habits to adopt to avoid a cluttered closet in the future, we've highlighted the top five tips to follow as you ready your wardrobe for a brand-new year.

Discover the best wardrobe edit tips below and best of luck with your endeavours!

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