The Outfit Combo Fashion Girls Wear When They're in a Hurry

Dacy Knight

Everyone has their go-to outfit they throw on when they're in a rush and need to get out the door. Even celebrities have days when they need something easy that still reads effortlessly cool when they step out of the house.

As of late, a certain staple has been reappearing (with much success) in similar outfit formulas. Whether they're making their way through an airport or sitting courtside at a Lakers game, our favourite fashion girls have been favouring the vintage tee. From truly throwback threads to reworked reiterations, the graphic t-shirt of yesteryear is everywhere. Once the statement piece is worked in, the rest of the outfit comes together with very little effort. Nostalgic '90s graphic prints have been paired with every casual pant from jean cutoffs, distressed skinnies, to light-washed denim, and have worked every time.

See some of our favourite ways to wear it below.

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