1000 People Fall in Love With These Sneakers Every Week

Allyson Payer

Athletic sneakers are obviously a wardrobe necessity, no matter your age, gender, or activity level, but there's another category of sneakers that are equally essential: slip-on sneakers. While you may not want to attempt to run a mile in these dressier, less-sporty kicks, you could easily walk a mile through the airport, to the office, or through the park in them. One brand, in particular, has mastered the concept of the dressy sneaker, and it's Vince with its Blair style. The brand is currently celebrating the fifth anniversary of the style, and it's division president Jay Schmidt sums up the level of popularity in telling Footwear News, "I have seen so many successful shoes over the years, yet it’s rare for one to achieve icon status. The Blair, however, is the exception."

Thanks to the timelessness and versatility of the Blair sneakers, Vince sells 1000 of them each week and has sold almost 300,000 since their debut. We took a look through Nordstrom's 269 reviews (and counting) and found that not only are people smitten with the comfort and polished look of the sneakers, many reviews mention that they're the perfect travel shoes. Sold, amiright? Shop the shoes below! 

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