Kate Bosworth on Kissing, Personal Style, and Charity: 10 Truths

Anna LaPlaca

Kate Bosworth is so much more than an actress with a pretty face, as we hoped to display in our Fall Issue. She's an actress, yes, and a producer, and a storyteller, and a style icon in her own right. While some of you may think of her for her memorable Coachella or Met Gala looks or still think of the Blue Crush-era Kate, you're not wrong in being a little surprised at her new path into executive producing. But if you read our Fall Issue cover story you'll know it's a fitting choice for Bosworth to say the least.

We sat down with the actress-turned-producer who got real about 10 truths by which she lives her life. Bosworth talked to us about everything from her beliefs on kissing (which "should be done on every day that ends in a 'y'") and how she values personal style ("it's an identity and most powerful when authentic") to the charity she's most devoted to. In this short but sweet video, we get to the heart of Kate's worldview as an actress, a humanitarian and all-around role model.

Have you read our Fall Issue with cover star Kate Bosworth yet? Go check it out here!

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