You Won't See This Athleisure Trend in the Reebok x Victoria Beckham Collection

Michelle Scanga

Reebok announced its partnership with Victoria Beckham late last year, and since then, we’ve all awaited details on what to expect in the iconic collaboration. In an intimate dinner last night in Los Angeles, the Reebok team and longtime ’90s icon and supporter of the brand Shaquille O’Neal, officially welcomed Beckham into the Reebok family. During a brief Q&A before we sat for dinner, Beckham shared what she’s most looking forward to designing with the Reebok team, “I’ve wanted to create workout clothing for a long, long time, I work out every day, and when I go into a new category, I want it to be something that I want in my life. So when Reebok approached me, I was very excited. I’ve wanted to create a trainer for quite some time,” she added.

In celebration of the partnership, Reebok x Victoria Beckham released a “mini collection” of merch that will be available next month, which includes an extremely comfortable pair of white sneakers (or “trainers”, as VB calls them) and a limited-edition T-shirt that comes in black and white. Through these “teaser” pieces, Beckham really wanted to celebrate all things ’90s with a nod to Shaq and his legendary basketball career. Beckham and Shaq are wearing the tee in the photos below, and it will be available on Reebok and Victoria Beckham’s sites soon.

While this is only a sneak peek for what’s to come with Victoria’s full line with Reebok (launching later this year), the former Posh Spice hinted at a focus on “technical workout clothing with a great silhouette and great branding and not overly complicated.” As for the trend you won’t see in the line? Beckham shared, “I don’t understand backless workout clothing. I like workout clothing that is technical and great to work out in.” Say no more—whatever VB says, goes in our book. Take a peek at last night’s celebration below, and stay tuned for more details on when you can purchase the merch items next month.

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