Victoria Beckham Says This Is David's Favourite Outfit She's Ever Worn

Allyson Payer

When you're as chic as Victoria Beckham is, it's probably safe to assume that her husband, David Beckham, loves everything she wears (as we do). But in a new interview with The Telegraph about her latest Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection, she divulged that there's one recent outfit she's worn, in particular, that was a favourite of his, and it just might be one of the reasons she's been wearing (and designing) so many colourful pieces as of late.

She said, "A few months ago I was wearing blue trousers and a simple red jumper. David never really comments on pictures of me but he said 'those pictures look really great, it’s great to see you in colour.'" She added, "There’s enough bad stuff going on in the world so we need to look at clothes and feels energised and happy."

There's been documentation of Beckham wearing this colour-blocked outfit on a couple of occasions, and we agree that she looks stunning in it. And in case you haven't heard, red is undoubtedly the It colour of the season

Check out (and shop) David Beckham's favourite outfit of Victoria's below. 

Next up, see Victoria Beckham's latest collection on the runway.

Opening Image: Splash News 

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