Don't Let 2017 End Before Buying These Beautiful $85 It Sneakers

Allyson Payer

We're very much on board with anything that's comfortable yet fancy enough to get away with wearing to holiday parties or any other festive occasion. Hence the reason why we felt the need to share yet another pair of sneakers with you. 

You may have heard that the glitter shoe trend is everywhere right now (much to this editor's delight), and that doesn't mean that it's just in the form of heels and ankle boots. Sneakers are the chillest way to wear the trend, yet they add a significantly more fun vibe to a look than plain sneakers do. 

Vans Old Skools have been one of the reigning It sneakers for many months now and fashion girls are more obsessed with the classic kicks than ever. Which is why it gave us a thrill to see that Need Supply just stocked a pair of Old Skools covered in glitter. The results are some of the most beautiful sneakers we've seen lately, and we're sure that they will soon get the KiraKira treatment on many fashion girls' Instagrams.

Shop the beautiful $85 glitter sneakers below!

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