32 Guy-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts He'll Actually Use

Valentine's Day gifts for men



I don't know about you, but once Valentine's Day rolls around, I can't help but feel like I exhausted all of my gift ideas during the holidays. But February 14 still rolls around regardless, and luckily, almost every retailer has had time to refresh their stock with great potential gifts since the holiday buying spree. But as you know, if there's a guy on your gift-shopping list, that doesn't make him any easier to buy for.

Speaking from my own experience, whenever I ask my husband what he wants for a particular holiday or occasion, his answer is usually "nothing." Since I've been figuring it out for the 13 years we've been together, I've gotten pretty good at choosing gifts that he'll actually use. Obviously, every guy is different, but I spent half of a Tuesday searching the internet for highly versatile gifts that have the potential to appeal to many. Scroll to shop them (because February 14 is only getting closer) so you can stop worrying about it.

This discreet, sleek speaker has incredible reviews.

This is not your average neck wrap by any means.

I learned on a recent trip to NYC that these boots are very popular.

Take my word for it: This unisex scent smells incredible.

Your Apple Watch–wearing S.O. will be thrilled to open this up—trust me.

My husband is obsessed with Outdoor Voices pants.

Another thing my husband is obsessed with: On Cloud sneakers.

This is likely an upgrade from his current slipper situation.

Cold brew has never looked (or tasted) better.

Who wouldn't want to drink an espresso out of this?

Whether he's new to skincare or not, he'll like how this makes his skin look.

If he currently packs his toiletries in plastic bags, get him this.

For the guy who cares more about his dog's wardrobe than his own.

If he lives in a cold climate, you can't go wrong with this.

He probably has hoodies, but what about fancy hoodies?

AKA how to make his morning coffee even more enjoyable.

He may not know what it is at first, but once he tries it, he'll be hooked.

Get him something he'll wear every day, forever.

Even if he doesn't use these, he'll surely want to put them on display.

This would make a great addition to his office desk.

For the guy who cares more about what his pooch wears than what he wears.

For the guy who prefers his loafers be both stylish and comfortable.

He'll love that these elevated sneakers can be dressed up or down.

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