I'm Resolving to Not Buy These 7 Unstylish Shoe Styles Anymore

Allyson Payer

I very much live by the old "never say never" adage, especially when it comes to fashion trends, but there are certain shoe styles that I can say with confidence I can't imagine myself wearing again. We live in a time in fashion when even "ugly" trends have a regular tendency to become wildly popular, and I embrace some of them. But there are other shoe trends that I tend to say been there, done that about, for one reason or another (most of which have to do with seeing old photos of myself wearing them...).

Style is obviously a very personal thing, so I must point out that if the shoes I'm skipping work for you, I fully support wearing them to your heart's content. I, on the other hand, have 7 alternative styles that I'm shopping for instead as of late. Keep scrolling to see which shoes I'm officially done with, and which I'm buying instead.

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