The Under-$5 Gifts You Can Give All Your Friends

Anna LaPlaca

Style du Monde

Gifting season is right around the corner, and whether you're shopping for a birthday, holiday, or just a cute thank-you gift that you hope will brighten someone's day, don't stress about overspending. Yes, it's possible to pick out an adorable gift for less than the price of that almond milk latte you got this morning. While it seems like the only thing $5 will get you anymore is a pack of gum, these 16 options make a strong case otherwise. From cute little coin purses and key chains to the face masks you buy in bulk, there's a sweet and simple gift for everyone on your list. Find the perfect under-$5 gift item or at least get inspired by these cute and incredibly affordable ideas.

Go on to shop 17 of the under-$5 gifts you can get for all of your friends.

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