Ever since Marlene Dietrich shocked the world by assuming a tuxedo in the 1930 film Morocco, women have been merrily appropriating men's attire to great effects. The once taboo practice of sporting a fellow's threads is at an all-time high this fall, thanks to designer and celebrity support of blazers, fancy pants, briefcases, and more! Considering our own preference for looking like we've raided a guy's closet (usually via Jenni Kayne's Boyfriend Shirt ($355), one of our current wardrobe favourites), we very much enjoyed determining the perfect pieces that will allow you to mix a little masculinity into your own outfits. We know your budgets are probably in a bare bones state right now,so we sleuthed out the best in boyswear for $100 or less.

If you're in need of a modern-day muse who masters androgynous style, look no further than Irina Lazareanu, as she fearlessly and frequently accomplishes masculine get-ups with astonishing grace. While Lazareanu's tweed blazer and baggy pant combos are highly admirable, we're not implying that you have to dress like a boy from head-to-toe in order to incorporate menswear into your wardrobe. Rather, try mixing and matching some of the above items with feminine garments to find a balance that suits you. Alexander Wang did this brilliantly when he combined slouchy blazers, mesh skirts, and oversized button-up shirts in his fall collection. Some of our other favourite menswear-inspired moments from fall include Isabel Marant's oversized blazers (belted at the waist for a ladylike touch), the

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