You'll Never Believe These Boots Are All Under $100

Ever since I moved to New York I've found myself wearing one piece more than anything else: boots. In Los Angeles, I could get away with one or two pairs of boots, as you can pretty much wear sandals year-round, and boots aren't necessary for the city that rarely drops below 60 degrees. But since moving here, I've added about six or seven pairs to my arsenal. Let me tell you, buying a plethora of new boots does not necessarily come cheap.

Instead of limiting my own cold-weather wardrobe, I decided to opt for a more practical version of boot shopping. I'd only buy pairs that were under $100. And to my surprise, this task wasn't even hard. I couldn't believe how many pairs of boots were only $100 or less, and I was so pleasantly surprised by this I decided to share them with you all. Because it wouldn't be fair for me to sit on this budget-friendly secret, would it?

Keep scrolling to shop my roundup of the 20 best pairs of under-$100 boots for every style. 

The contrasting black heel gives these boots a little extra edge.

Wear these with your favorite cropped jeans for an every day look.

Take the hiking boot trend to the next level with this white pair. 

Shearling lined and guaranteed to keep you warm during this frigid winter.

Made to work with your favorite midi dress.

Your closet needs at least one metallic pair of booties.

A pointed toe bootie that's both chic and comfortable.

Try a white pair of pointed toe boots to nail both trends at once.

Every boots roundup needs at least one knee-high pair. 

Bring back the '70s vibe with this chunky suede pair.

The tortoiseshell accents set this pair apart.

A classic pair that's guaranteed to stand the test of time.