The Top "Ugly" Trends We're Here For

It's not just us—the "ugly" trends of 2018 are quite possibly the best trends yet. In our opinion, there's no better time to experiment with eclectic style choices and go a little outside of your sartorial comfort zone. So have some fun with your style and add one (or all) of these "ugly" fashion trends to your 2018 wardrobe.

Some of these It items may shock you. Neon yellow? Yes, we're getting behind it. If you're still not quite convinced, the best way to test out unexpected trends is to pick one and mix it into your classic outfits. But if you're ready to dive head-first into the ugly-pretty look, team items like a Hawaiian-print shirt with a bucket hat for maximum effect. Go on to see and shop every "ugly" fashion trend that will make you forget "pretty" was even a thing.

Electric Shock

Whether or not you're ready for it, blindingly bright neon shades are saturating everything from delicate slip skirts to swimwear this season. Electric yellow is our pick of the "ugly" colour trend.

Available in sizes XS to M.

Island Life

Once a staple of tourists who took their vacationing very seriously, the Hawaiian-print shirt has resurfaced among the fashion crowd. Let this kitschy trend saturate your off-duty outfits.

Available in sizes 36 to 48.

The Baggier, the Better

We're calling it: "Baggy" jeans are the denim fashion trend that might once and for all eclipse skinny jeans. The looser, more relaxed fit is actually pretty ideal for warmer days we might add.


Forget Teva's and Birkenstocks, as there's a new ugly-chic sandal trend this year, and it comes down to just one detail: the toe ring. With endless options to choose from, there's a toe-hugging style for everyone this season.

Available in sizes 35 to 41.

Biker Shorts

Bike shorts have been quietly bubbling up over the past few months, but as soon as we spotted Emily Ratajkowski in a pair, we knew the sporty spandex shorts would become a major fashion trend.

Available in sizes L to XL.

Bucket Hats

This list wouldn't really be complete if an ugly-pretty hat trend wasn't in order. While straw hats will always be a beachside staple, it's the unlikely bucket hat that you'll see everyone wearing this year.

We're here for the "ugly" fashion trends 2018 has to offer. Are you?

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