The Most Flattering Neckline for Every Body Type

Sabrina Paparella

Necklines can make or break a new blouse or dress, and it’s easy to underestimate how much of an impact they have in changing an outfit’s overall look. V-necks, for instance, have a cool, slouchy feel that keeps an outfit casual, while a crew neck adds a preppy vibe. We can use different types of necklines to craft different types of looks, but when it comes to the best neckline for flattering a variety of body types, it can be tough to choose a favourite.

We went to the experts to hear their take on the one type of neckline that suits everyone. Here’s what Britt McCamey, Honey Artists stylist, had to say: “Everyone has always said that round necklines are the most versatile and suit everyone, however, I completely disagree. Boatnecks! Chic and fitted, a boatneck will slim, widen, and extend narrower shoulders, extend your neck, and make you look more angular.”

Boatnecks are graceful and versatile, channeling an elegance that reminds us of Audrey Hepburn’s signature gamine style. Equally chic on a slouchy jersey tee as they are on a dressier item, boatnecks graze the collarbone and emphasise the shoulders. Keep reading for some of our favourite pieces that feature boatnecks.

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