This Old-School Jewellery Trend Is Back in a Huge Way

Lauren Eggertsen

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So, 2018 was a huge year for jewellery. We finally started seeing the return of heritage pieces like tennis bracelets, herringbone chains, and charm bracelets, which felt like a nice break from the exclusively minimalist world we were living in for just a tad too long. The next style to buck that trend is turquoise jewellery, which has made a triumphant return to the spotlight. Somewhat surprisingly, both the fall and spring collections of jewellery designers from all over the map contained some variation of the stone or colour.

In order to get some more information on the return of this old-school jewellery trend, I reached out to a handful of jewellery designers for their takes. A majority of the quotes are peppered throughout the shopping roundup below, but there was one from well-known jewellery designer Anna Sheffield that stood out from the rest, providing a well-rounded view of turquoise as a jewellery trend in 2018.

"Turquoise, though timeless with its glamour, reaching from ancient Egypt to the American West, has its moments in every day and moments in vogue. I think currently, this beautiful blue gem is having a moment in the spotlight," says Sheffield. "I love to see it done in a new way, especially having grown up in the Southwest. So in my collection, I show it two ways: Reinvented and reprised, taking vintage pieces like these Sunburst earrings and adding a dash of gold and champagne diamonds for extra flair, and modernised, in a simple setting, like a classic three-stone ring, and instead of treating the turquoise like a semiprecious stone, it's handled in the same way as a fancy diamond."

Below, you'll find a curation of the turquoise jewellery trend that is diverse enough in taste to suit everyone's personal style. Along the way, don't forget to check up on some of the biggest jewellery designers in the industry's take on the return of this trend.

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