15 Items All Men Should Toss by Age 30

Bobby Schuessler

Your 20s are a time for firsts: first job, first apartment, and so on. And as you grow and become more mature, so does your style. You're probably not wearing the same outfit at 25 as you were at 15, right? But still, you probably still store some of those more youthful items in your closet (regardless if you actually plan on wearing any!) as you head deeper into your 20s and push 30. (And just note that you really should just wear whatever you love and are most comfortable in—no matter how old you are). Ladies, we've gone over many of these pieces for you here, but the same rules apply for men as well. To help pinpoint exactly what you (or the main dude in your life) shouldn't keep, we're highlighting the items every man should toss by the time they turn 30.

Scroll down for the 15 items that deserve to go post-29 life. Plus, shop pieces perfect for any man at any age.

What items do you think your man should get rid of? Let us know in the comments below.

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