25 Items You Definitely Need To Toss By Age 30

Meghan Blalock

There’s something that happens in your 20s: whether you want to or not, whether you’re even aware of it—you grow up. Everything about your worldview becomes a bit more mature, and this means your style evolves along with it.

While much of this evolution happens very naturally, we all have those wardrobe pieces we stubbornly cling to though we probably never wear them (or, at least, we never should.) We’re here to help—because when it comes to clothes, every woman can sometimes use a nudge toward adulthood from time to time. (After all, as Olivia Wilde put it in her open letter in Glamour on the eve of her 30th birthday, it's the year that officially opens the "Go Be Awesome" stage of life.)

Scroll down for 25 items you should definitely toss by the time you turn 30!

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