All My Jeans Feel Outdated—See the 24 New Pairs on My Wish List

While struggling to get ready for a casual outing the other day, I had somewhat of a frustrating yet eye-opening realization. All my jeans suddenly felt too short, too long, too skinny, too wide, not the right wash, or, of course, any combination of the above. Sure, we've all had that "I hate all my clothes!" moment, but this time, it felt all too real—at least when it came to my denim collection.

Resolved to fix my little issue and hopefully not spend a single additional hour agonizing over what jeans to pair with my favorite tees and tanks, I decided I needed—or rather deserved—a new pair. After all, I really use my jeans (more than most), and if I was going to budget for any one basic, it should be them. So I did a little research for myself and, as always, ended up with way more favorites than I'd even like to admit, but before I narrowed them down, I figured I couldn't be the only one in the market for a trendy-but-wearable pair of jeans that feels very 2021 but still ready for 2022. You know, not too tight or skinny, a little on the longer side, and preferably high waisted. So here I am to share them with you. To see all my options and to get a look at my denim Instagram inspo along the way, just keep scrolling.

Trendy Jeans 2021



Warning: I'm very into distressing right now.

These have a trouser-like cut that I love.

Trendy Jeans 2021



Nordstrom's Topshop jeans selection is a 10 out of 10.

There's a reason this brand has become so successful. Its jeans really do flatter everyone.

This whole outfit reminds me of a cooler version myself.

Perfect for pairing with flat sandals.

Few brands come close to making affordable jeans as well as H&M.

Wear them with heels, Jordans, or slippers.

Trendy Jeans 2021



These are so good that I had to show you two washes.

I feel like I always see & Other Stories jeans tagged on my feed, so it's about time I give them a try.

Who can say no to this under-$100 investment pair?

Trendy Jeans 2021



I'm so happy about the return of bootcut jeans.

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