11 Trends Fashion Girls Refuse to Wear Anymore

Aemilia Madden

Collage Vintage

Like plants, animals, stars, and even the leftovers in your fridge, trends have a life cycle. They burst onto the scene and climb their way up the popularity bell curve, only to eventually peak and fade away as the new must-have comes around. Try as we might to hold on tight to certain favourites (there's a reason skinny jeans have lingered around so long), most styles hit their apex and eventually get retired. But with the clipping speed of fashion, what are the styles rising and fading right now?

We tapped a few of our favourite women in fashion to reveal their picks for the coming months. The women below offered up the pieces they're done with, along with what they're adding to their closets instead. (And just remember, these are personal picks, so if you love something they don't, that's ok—wear it anyway!) Armed with their ideas, you'll know exactly how to adjust your wardrobe for the coming months. Curious to see what made the cut? Keep scrolling.

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