The Last-Minute Item I Buy Before Every Trip



When I'm preparing for a trip, this is how it usually goes: I start shopping for a few pieces to bring a few weeks in advance, I start working on my packing list (it's a process) a few days in advance,  and then the weather forecast inevitably changes, and I basically have to re-plan all of my outfits. That's when it always becomes clear to me that there's one thing, in particular, that I'm lacking: an appropriate jacket for my travels. Without a doubt, outerwear is the biggest challenge I have when it comes to packing. 

I've yet to put my finger on exactly what the problem is, but even though my closet is filled with outerwear options, including denim, leather, utility, wool, and faux-fur jackets, I always feel as though my destination and the outfits I've chosen for it require a very specific type of jacket, and one is hardly ever enough. Sure, I'll throw in a denim or leather jacket for a few occasions, but what if I'm going to a wedding, or a fancy dinner, or even a Spin class? Then what? That's usually when I get out my laptop and frantically search the internet for something that isn't too bulky and won't wrinkle easily (I personally hate wearing my jacket in dirty airplanes, even though that's what you're supposed to do).

My frantic last-minute search usually leads me to order a jacket that I otherwise probably wouldn't have chosen, and usually with an added price of $25 overnight shipping. So here's my best advice: If you, too, experience this packing challenge, do yourself a favor and diversity the outerwear options in your closet in advance. It will save your time, money, and sanity. 

Below, shop 17 stylish jackets with travel potential for this time of year and beyond.

This denim coat is polished enough for an evening out or a work function on a business trip.

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

Good luck finding an anorak that's chicer than this.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Was there ever a more perfect travel jacket than a trench? I think not.

Available in sizes XXS to L.

A lightweight puffer-style jacket is perfect for transitional weather.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

This color this time of year is a win.

Available in sizes XS to L.

This is more versatile than you think—trust.

Available in sizes 34 to 42.

Early reviews are saying that this new arrival is very flattering. 

Available in sizes XXS to XXL.

This lightweight leather jacket is my favorite one to travel with.

Available in sizes 34 to 44.

I would literally plan outfits around this jacket.

Available in sizes 2 to 8.

Contrasting stitching is a subtle trend I'm loving. 

Available in sizes 2 to 14.

This will take up minimal room in your suitcase.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Denim jackets are a travel must-have.

Available in sizes S to 4X.

I purchased this one for a recent late-winter trip and wore it every day.

Available in size S/M.

Let this rekindle your love for the bomber jacket.

Available in sizes 36 to 44.

Take my advice and invest in a versatile non-bulky wool coat.

Available in sizes 12 to 28.

This will easily elevate anything it's paired with.

Available in sizes 0 to 10.

I would like to go to London and wear this coat.

Available in sizes UK 6 to 16.