Topshop's New Sustainable Collection Is So '90s

Erin Fitzpatrick

Any way you slice it, Topshop's latest Reclaim collection is a winner: It boasts a cool '90s vibe, features on-trend silhouettes, and is produced sustainably using upcycled material. In other words, you need to have it. 

The retailer's global design director, Jacqui Markham, explained why the collection is so important. "Topshop Reclaim collections offer a progressive solution for excess material from Topshop's previous collections. It is a priority for us to minimise textile waste across all of our product categories, while also creating on-trend designs and wardrobe essentials in true Topshop aesthetic.” As for the design of the clothes, the retailer explained in a press release that it was inspired by "the rebellious '90s" and "the decade's dissident spirit." How could we not be obsessed? 

Scroll down to shop our favourite picks from Topshop's new Reclaim collection! 

Which pieces are you dying to swipe up? Tell us in the comments below, and then shop Topshop's full Reclaim collection online!

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