21 Tops to Wear With Jeans and Flats on Valentine's Day

Allyson Payer

While some may see Valentine's Day as a fun excuse to dress up, we'll go ahead and assume that if you're reading this, you want something a little more chill, e.g., jeans and flat shoes. But chill can still be special, and in this case, all you need is a beautiful, unique top to wear with jeans to ensure that your outfit feels perfectly appropriate for February 14. 

Included among these 21 tops that we recommend for your Valentine's Day date or fun girls night out are options at a variety of price points and styles, some more festive than others. And the beauty of this roundup is that all of these tops are just fancy enough to dress up jeans and flats without looking out of place. (But if you do choose to wear them with something besides jeans and flats, you absolutely can!) Read on for all the V-day top shopping your heart desires. 

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