The Top 8 Zara Items of 2017

Lauren Eggertsen

Each year, Zara churns out a handful of items that just stick with its consumers (aka fashion girls). Thanks to social media, realising which items beat out all the rest is actually quite simple due to the overwhelming amount of fashion girls who love Zara. 

Ahead, we've narrowed down the most popular Zara items of 2017 to eight key pieces. These items were chosen based on the frequency of which we saw said items throughout the year. Whether you remember them on your favourite blogger, in your best friend's closet, or as part of your coworkers' go-to uniform, there is no denying you'll recognise at least one of these pieces. Chances are you probably own a majority of the items listed too. 

Go on to see which eight Zara items were most popular in 2017, then shop the brand's trending items.

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