This Model Is Encouraging You to Think Differently About Underwear

by Matilda Dods

My first memory of being aware of my underwear, is trying to convince my mum that I desperately needed a push up bra. With underwire. And lace. I was eleven. I was a late bloomer, and in the interest of transparency, I am still waiting for the final petals of pubescent ‘blooming’ to unfold. I’m a secure member of the itty-bitty-titty committee, and I have no waist, or arse to speak off. At eleven I definitely did not. The archetypal womanly body was familiar to me only through magazines, backs of buses, and the self-fulfilling prophecy that was becoming the bodies of my primary school peers. They all got boobs pretty young. I looked like a stork, crossed sensitive boy. I still identify strongly with this title, but I have come to accept AND love it.

But in fifth grade, it was a curse.

Photography: Peter Van Alphen

Creative Direction and Styling: Emma Kalfus

Art Direction: Stephanie Huxley

Model: Victoria Plum @ Chic

Words: TOMBOY contributor and model @ IMG, Matilda Dods.

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