Trust Me—This Ugly Sandal Trend Will Be Major

Aemilia Madden

Style du Monde

Every year there seems to be a new ugly-chic sandal, a style that suggests an effortless way of dressing. Next summer, it will be all about the toe ring. How do we know? We can already see it start trending in the northern hemisphere.

While we're all for keeping your traditional Birkenstocks and Tevas around, in 2018 we expect to see fashion girls rocking any number of shoes with one common thread, a certain amount of hugging around the big toe. From minimalist to something a bit fancier, there's a whole range of options available, so you can freely shop for your ideal summer shoes. Read on for inspiration on exactly how to pull off these not-so-ugly sandals, and to pick up a pair for yourself too.

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