Everything You Need to Know to Make It in Fashion PR

Jessica Schiffer

Fashion is an exhilarating, though occasionally overwhelming, business. Editors experience this firsthand during fashion week and holiday seasons, when they’re forced to churn out the same steady stream of great content while also socialising with industry connections and attending shows. While there are many moments of great fun, no one would deny that it requires some finely honed juggling skills.

That being said, there’s another sector of the industry that has an even greater challenge: working at this pace nearly 365 days a year. Enter the public relations teams. Whether placed in-house with one brand or representing a myriad of them under a larger firm’s umbrella, this largely female cohort has their work cut out for them day in and day out. What’s more, there's not a lot of room to be stressed, as a permanent smile and a chin-up attitude are essentially prerequisites of the job.

That’s why, whenever I meet up with a PR friend or contact, I find myself in awe. How do they manage? I wonder, when fashion week alone nearly bowls me over. To remain so calm and so clairvoyant in an industry that throws its fair share of punches is downright impressive, requiring not just a certain character but, also, a host of crucial skills. Curious to know what those skills entail, I spoke to some of the hardest-working women in the biz. If you’re interested in pursuing a PR career yourself, you don't want to miss this!

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