Pro Tips for Surviving a Sample Sale

Two words everyone loves to hear: sample sale. Whether you're looking for a deal on the pieces from your favourite brand or you're searching for the perfect wedding dress, there's nothing quite as exciting as scoring something you've been eyeing at a fraction of the full price.

With that being said, sample sales are not for the faint of heart, so expect long lines, fierce competition, and limited sizing, especially if you're adding wedding dresses to the mix. Expect to feel at least a little bit overwhelmed. The solution: In a fast-paced environment like this, you'll want to head into it prepared and ready to make a decision at a moment's notice. So we asked designer Sarah Seven for her best tips on how to prepare yourself to find the right pieces at any type of sample sale, including those of the bridal variety, you may have pencilled into your calendar.

With these tips, you'll be heading into your sample sale fully prepared.

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