10 Impossibly Tiny Tattoo Ideas to Get With Your Best Friend

There’s no denying that getting a tattoo is a pretty big decision to make. After all, it’s basically a permanent accessory. For some, a tattoo must be a symbol of some deeper meaning, while others view it as more aesthetic. Either way, chances are if you’re taking the plunge to get inked, you’ve thought through the design a fair bit.

And while we can’t deny that tiny tattoos are cute in their own right, we love them even more when they’re shared between friends. Getting a matching tattoo with a bestie is basically the grown-up equivalent of a having an eternal friendship bracelet; and there’s something very sweet about that. Best friends really do make your life better, so why not honour the friendship?

Whether you and your BFF are planning to get tattoos this upcoming weekend, or it's just something you’ve been hypothetically considering for years, we’ve got some ideas for you. We trawled through our favourite girls' Instagrams for inspiration, and as a result, have some very fashion-forward ideas to pass along. Fair warning, though, this may only feed your tattoo temptations.


A Meaningful Song Lyric

Fashion Blogger Courtney Trop's tattoo quotes the Fleetwood Mac song, Gypsy. "I have no fear, I have only love." 

A Delicate Design

What could be sweeter than a teeny tiny heart?

A Subtle Wave

For the beach girls out there, take note of this bloggers barely-noticeable wave tattoo. 

A Cheeky Symbol



For something a little more whimsical, think something along the lines of this cheeky unicorn.

Your BFF's Intial

A little reminder of "your person" everywhere you go. 

Cute Cupid

Cupid is a symbol of love, so what better way to show devotion to your bestie?

Permanent Jewellery

Take a cue from fashion blogger, Pernille Teisbaek, and get a piece of jewellery tattooed for instant accessorising. 

Ankle Tattoos

We love that this one says "GRL PWR". 

A different part of the ankle, but same idea. Show off what a star you really are. 

Dedicate it to Your Furry Friend

For the animal lovers out there, why not consider a mini-portrait of your pet on your finger like blogger Chiara Ferragni? 

Can't commit to a tattoo? We understand. Shop friendship bracelets at Net-a-Porter instead.

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