19 Celebrities We Bet You Won't Recognize in These Throwback Photos

We're not sure what it is about a throwback photo that gets us so riled up, but whenever one of our favorite celebrities posts a snap from their personal archives, it's a definite double tap on our end. Perhaps it's because it humanizes the celebrity in question or even reminds us of a cultural or fashion trend of times past that we're glad we ditched (talking to you, butterfly clips). Whatever the case, if you've got a throwback photo, we want it.

Purely for entertainment purposes, we decided to round up 19 almost unrecognizable throwback photos of some of our most beloved celebrities. From a childhood red carpet moment à la Emma Roberts to a baby portrait of Rihanna (yes, it's adorable and you need to see it immediately), the pictures below are sure to warm your heart, make you smile, and inspire your next #TBT. Enjoy, and if your phone could use a cute new case to make throwing back a more stylish endeavor, then don't miss our roundup of those to shop, as well.

Baby Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears are all we need to get through the week.

Who knew Sarah Jessica Parker used to have such red hair?

Kristen Stewart in her all-black red carpet ensemble is cute and classic.

Oh hey, Rihanna.

Thumbs up for this camo look on young Emma Roberts.

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Unsurprisingly, Scarlett Johansson has always been beautiful.

Kendall and Kylie will always be the cutest duo.

Kristen Bell's baby haircut is all of us.

Raise your hand if you did the two hair strands in front à la Jennifer Lawrence.

Hey, Blake Lively, where did you get those platforms? Asking for a friend.

We've all done the pre-prom lineup like Taylor Swift's.

Dakota Fanning just made us realize we need to rent Uptown Girls ASAP.

Why we were all going through our awkward adolescent years, Gisele Bündchen was looking like this.

We'll definitely be stealing this '90s Gwyneth Paltrow look, thank you very much.

This Jessica Alba throwback makes us long for the days of denim vests.

Young Kim Kardashian dressed up as Drew Barrymore = what we never knew we needed to see.

Jennifer Garner makes a cute pilgrim.

Mandy Moore is our childhood.

Nicole Richie as a miniature Santa is festive and funny all at once.

Want more? We don't blame you. Next up, check out 20 completely unrecognizable old photos of your favorite It girls.