Backstage S/S 09

We kindly ask that you interrupt your regularly scheduled Friday activities in order to exploit the one-of-a-kind backstage pass your editors are offering you today. After sifting through photos of the elusive, behind-the-scenes territory from New York's Spring 09 fashion week, we had no choice but to showcase our findings in a What They Wear: Backstage format. To catch a model interim their runway duties is a rarity, but once you've caught one (or a candid of one), do as we do! By that we mean, stop and ponder their personal style, because it's likely to not only be jaw-dropping, but a sign of what's to come in terms of fashion trends.

Just like with art, the longer you reflect upon the above sea of pretty faces and their off-duty style, the more rewarding the experience will be. It's almost as if they accidentally stumble upon trends that impact the rest of the industry in a domino-like manner. There are endless elements to dissect in regards to all of the cool outfits we saw on the models at NYFW (like acknowledging that skinny jeans are indefinitely a wise move, as well as finding ourselves inspired to wear elastic headbands to places other than yoga), but we are most besotted with two key items: the vest (particularly, leather ones) and lace up boots! Many of the above beauties utilised both pieces in influential manners (they rely on the boots to give their overworked arches a rest and put a casual collected spin on their look with the vests), and we find no harm in borrowing their concepts! You can start now by adding a tough pair of combat-style boots like August Fifteenth's Military Boots ($350), as well as a biker-friendly sleeveless leather vest (we like Topshop's Sleeveless Leather Biker ($145) as an affordable take on the divine Leather Vest by Alexander Wang ($796)) to your assets, but don't stop there! Absorb the montage a while longer, and find as many applicable tidbits imaginable, the possibilities are endless.-Jessica Amento

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