Go Behind the Scenes on The UNDONE’s Latest Fashion Shoot

Amanda Bardas

Since The UNDONE launched last month, we’ve been obsessed with its curated mix of Australian and international designers, but what we love most, is the way the pieces are displayed and styled on-site. It’s obvious The UNDONE has the customer experience front of mind, always producing beautiful images to showcase its product. The styling is impeccable, giving us endless outfit ideas on how to wear our new purchases, and we’re able to see little details due to the items being shot from all different directions.

When we were invited behind-the-scenes on one of its shoots, how could we not take the opportunity to sit back and watch the magic happen? Today, we’re sharing some of that magic with you. Keep scrolling to see how a shoot for The UNDONE comes to life, and then shop our editor’s picks of new arrivals.

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