The Hills is Officially Coming Back: Here's Everything We Know

Lauren Eggertsen

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The unexpected has happened: Today on the MTV Video Music Awards, almost the entire cast of The Hills (minus Lauren Conrad) showed up on the red carpet—even Justin Bobby. And no, homeboy wasn't wearing combat boots—he actually looked pretty amazing. So did everyone else. During a red carpet interview, the cast implied something big was coming. A reunion? A surprise performance? What?!

This just in: The Hills is officially coming back. Coming in hot with a new Twitter account and everything, the new series will be called The Hills: New Beginnings, and unfortunately, the official trailer that just aired revealed little to nothing. The entirety of the cast has not been confirmed, but according to the attendees at the MTV VMAs, it's safe to assume Spencer and Heidi Pratt, Audrina Patridge, Justin Brescia, and more will be included. To no one's surprise, people on the internet already have some pretty strong opinions on the matter, and we are excitedly sharing them with you here because they are absolutely hilarious and important. Stay tuned as we collect more insider info on the return of The Hills. For now, though, revel in this sweet red carpet reunion, the newly released trailer, and laugh at out our favourite reactions to the reunion suspicions so far.

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