Taylor Swift Is Already Wearing This Major Trend

Aemilia Madden

When our U.S. team got around to predicting winter's biggest trends, the style dubbed "cat lady" topped our list. With leopard-print popping up everywhere, we had a feeling the tide would only continue to rise. Well, Taylor Swift gave the look her seal of approval, going so far as to layer her cat-inspired pieces while out in NYC.

Swift celebrated the birthday of the musician Lorde dressed in a cat-emblazoned top by Dolce & Gabbana, which she styled with a sleek leopard coat by A.L.C. Both pieces are feline-inspired, but they complement each other without feeling too overpowering. As the proud owner of two cats (Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson), Swift spearheading this bold trend doesn't surprise us at all. But, if full-on cat lady is too much for you, consider throwing a leopard coat over jeans and a tee instead.

Read on to see Taylor Swift's cat lady look, then shop coats inspired by her style!

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