Taylor Swift Just Wore Fashion's Favorite Simple Outfit Trend Like a Pro

Taylor Swift's polished style was on display this week when she stepped out for an event at the Tribeca Film Festival, and it happened to be a major outfit trend this season: loose trousers and a matching vest. Consider it the summer version of the suiting trend, and the fashion crowd has fully embraced it. 

Wearing a vest as a top has become one of the biggest styling trends of 2022, and we hope it sticks because it's easy and incredibly chic. You can wear it with jeans or a miniskirt and it'll look great, but the most polished way to style it is with matching pants, as Swift did. (Specifically, she wore a pinstripe Max Mara set with Prada heels.)

The '90s-inspired outfit trend is being sold by all of your favorite brands—from Zara to Frankie Shop—so let's get to it (as in, shop them below).

On Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift outfit


Gotham/GC Images

On Taylor Swift: Max Mara Divo Vest ($645) and Matilde Stripe High Waist Wool Blend Trousers ($925); Prada shoes; Vrai jewelry

On the Fashion Crowd


Vest and trousers outfit trend


Vest and trousers outfit trend



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