Taylor Swift's New Favourite Trend Is All About Self-Love

Taylor Swift’s latest favourite trend is so versatile that it’ll probably—ahemnever go out of style, and with its bonus implication of self-love, we’re totally on board.

Last month, Swift was spotted rocking a necklace with a giant S at the center, and this past week, while travelling for her 1989 tour, she was seen wearing a similar style with the letter T. That seems like pretty solid evidence that the initial pendants refer to her and her alone, which isn’t all that surprising coming from a lady who has long been a champion of the independent-woman ethos.

Swift, after all, knows better than anyone how often we can get caught up focusing on (ok, sometimes obsessing over) other people, so perhaps a nice reminder to celebrate ourselves instead wouldn’t hurt? If it works for Tay, it works for us.

Head to InStyle to read more, and then scroll down to see photos of Swift rocking the trend and shop for your own initial pendant!


NCP/Star Max/GC Images



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