Get Yourself an Earring That Can Boomerang

Gina Marinelli

In most cases, we don’t care for clothing that has a mind of its own (i.e., skirts filled with static cling, pants that ride up, straps that fall off your shoulders no matter how many times you adjust). But earrings are a whole other story. I’m talking the free-swinging kind, as in tassel earrings.

The trend has ebbed and flowed a bit over the last few years, but it still holds strong as far as statement jewellery goes. And what’s more, earrings with fringe are not just of the fabric, mini curtain–accent variety. Anything design with loose, hanging chains, baubles, or shine can also fit the bill. The only common factor: They need to move.

I tested out a version for myself (I couldn’t resist), but feel free to take the other 14 styles below for a spin.


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