Two Australian Fashion Bloggers Now Have Their Own TV Show

Amanda Stavropoulos

Get the popcorn ready because your new favourite TV show launches tonight. Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson of They All Hate Us can add another achievement to their already-very-long list, with the launch of Style Squad. It’s not the first time Australian fashion bloggers have landed their own TV show (you might remember back in 2014 Margaret Zhang, Sara Donaldson, Kate Waterhouse, and Zanita Whittington teamed up for Fashion Bloggers), but this one is totally different. Style Squad, fronted by Tash and Elle, is a makeover show where they meet with a different person each week, give them a makeover, and offer style advice and tips.

Ahead of the show's launch, we caught up with Tash and Elle to find out what it was like to film a TV show, and who they’d like to give them a makeover. Read on! 

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