Tan France Gave My Instagram a Makeover—Here's What Was Wrong

Lauren Eggertsen

"Hi, Lauren!" Tan France greets me on the phone as we prepared to dive into our interview. Normal. Cheerful. Hearing his adorable British accent instantly put me at ease and weirdly made me feel like I was talking to an old friend—not someone I've religiously watched transform the lives of men around Atlanta on Netflix's Queer Eye. If you somehow aren't familiar with the show's Fab Five, I encourage you to take the time to get to know them. Each member of the iconic crew specialises in something different, with Tan France's fashion peg—hence our conversation—complementing Antoni Porowski's food and wine skills, Jonathan Van Ness's beauty and grooming guidance, Bobby Berk's interior design wisdom, Karamo Brown's culture expertise.

On the show, Tan educates men on how to dress in ways that are approachable yet polished in order to become the best versions of themselves. Off the show, Tan uses his social media to share what he's up to, the ins and outs of his very real friendships with his co-stars, and, of course, his own outfits. The latter has translated to partnerships with brands the likes of American Eagle, for which he is the newly appointed stylist at large. This sidebar social media existence (endorsements aside) is something I relate to all too well as a fashion editor. While my work is published on Who What Wear for you all to read, I'm encouraged to regularly nurture my social presence in an effort to offer a more well-rounded voice to the person delivering you tempting shopping content every day.

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