5 Sunglasses Trends That Were Made for Round Faces

Gina Marinelli

When it comes to what sunglasses look best on a round-shaped face, the answers can be a bit subjective. After all, one lady might want to contrast the soft curves of her face with an angular style, while another is simply crazy for a cat eye. So to determine which sunnies currently looking amazing on women with round faces, we’re turning to five of them whose style we can’t get enough of.

Be it Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, or Gigi Hadid, the style stars ahead each have a round-shaped face—essentially categorized by having a height and width that are about the same and whose structure is more curved than defined— but they don't all agree on just one sunglasses silhouette. And thanks to their example, we've lined up five viable, on-trend options worth looking into.

Keep scrolling for the five sunglasses trends perfect for a round face (and probably most other faces, too). 

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