How Many of These 2018 Sunglasses Trends Did You See Coming?

Anna LaPlaca

Last year was undoubtedly the year of skinny sunglasses, with seemingly everyone donning the retro, tinier-than-ever shades. Which prompted us to wonder, Are the glasses really doing their job to block out the sun when they're that petite? A debatable topic indeed. And if you thought that sunglasses trends couldn't get any odder in 2018, just wait and see what we have in store ahead. Hint: The skinny style is far from over—in fact, it's just evolved into a newer (yes, even skinnier) iteration for the new season.

Prepare to see the following shapes, styles, and colours on just about everyone you follow on Instagram. If you think we're crazy for suggesting that neon colour schemes and sportswear-inspired shapes will take center stage this year, be patient. We're pretty much betting on these four sunglasses trends to become the only ones that matter this year. In other words, you should consider shopping out the best pairs on the market right now before you start spotting them on everyone else.

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